Maek Friends is a member based studio, much like a fitness club or co-working space. Members are granted access to the space by reserving time through our online membership portal using their computer or smartphone. We provide all the tools and materials needed to do pottery, but members are also welcome to bring in their own tools and materials to work with! We have 10 wheels and 6 workstations for handbuilding and glazing that may be booked by members.

YES. We just ask you to be respectful of your fellow members and not take more than you need. We also have a pugmill to recycle clay so that we are creating as little waste as possible. We are a NO-PRODUCTION studio.

We fire cone 5 oxidation in an electric kiln. We do not have a gas kiln.

We do not offer firings of pieces made outside of the studio membership. If you are looking for somewhere to do that, ask Freeform Clay and Supply in National City!

Yes! Make sure to check with the employee present that the clay or glaze you bought is cone 5-6.

FreeForm in National City is the best ceramic supplier in the area! If you are a member let them know and they will help guide you to products that are compatible with our studio.

We provide B-mix and recycled clay. The recycled clay is always changing based on what is added to it! We have 4 large rotating glazes and a handful of underglazes.

We are not a kid or pet friendly space due to safety hazards (and insurance). You can leave your people-loving dog on the front patio if you wish!

If you go over the 24 hours allotted to you, you will be charged $10 an hour.

We do offer classes. On sunday nights in our encinitas studio we have a month-long class (4 sessions) where an instructor will give you an in-depth look at the process and some of the theory behind the craft. Students will also gain full access to the studio so that they can practice what they have learned in the mean time. This class is geared towards beginners and focuses on the wheel. 

Study halls are 4 hour chunks of time held weekly for members wanting a little more instruction! We have instructors present and it is more of a classroom-style environment where you can get help no matter where you are in the process. 

We do not offer guest passes or day-use.

At the Encinitas studio we have lockers for rent, ask a staff member next time you're in! Due to space limitations in OB we do not offer private storage. In general, you are welcome to bring in your own tools and materials as long as you take them with you at the end of your session (anything left in the studio will be available for use by all members).

There is free 2 hour street parking. We also have a parking lot, but you need to validate your spot upon entering! You are responsible for validating your vehicle.

There is not a minimum amount of months. Billing is on a monthly basis. You may cancel membership at any time with two weeks notice.

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